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Adult Education Programs

Adults can choose from a broad array of Micah education programs: formal classes and lectures, seminars led by the Temple Micah professional staff as well as lay-led study groups. If a subject they want to explore isn’t on the menu, they organize a group to study it.

On Sunday mornings and holidays, Machon Micah (Micah Institute) offers learning opportunities for adults in conjunction with the youth education programs. In addition adult group learning also takes place on Shabbat morning and afternoon, as well as weekday mornings, noon time and evenings.

A two-year program of Hebrew and Torah studies leads to B’nai Torah. But Hebrew can also be studied at home via Skype or in classes at various levels. A class to learn Hebrew chanting is also available and a lay-led Hebrew poetry study group reads and discusses poetry in both Hebrew and English.

Lectures, seminars and study groups consider the Torah and the rest of the Bible from many perspectives. Other learning venues take up Israel and the Middle East, Zionism, prayer and worship, spirituality, philosophy, the Jewish holidays, Reform Judaism, and on and on.

Detailed information on our adult education classes are provided in their individual folders (see navigation tree in the left column).

To learn about all of Temple Micah's offerings, download our program guide here.

Micah Programs Listed Elsewhere on the Site

Visit our Micah Groups section.

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If you have questions or suggestions for the overall program, please email Rabbi Zemel..  If you have questions or suggestions with respect to a specific program, please email the individual coordinating or leading those programs. Don't find an education program you're looking for?  Members are encouraged to establish additional activities.

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