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House Meetings

What Is A House Meeting?

It is a small group of people (10-15) meeting together and talking to each other about what they care about in the form of a story.  It is a time when people get to know each other in a deeper and more meaningful way and momentum is built around a particular issue shared in common by those gathered.  We uncovered four issues in our community conversations. These house meetings are an opportunity to delve deeper into those four issues and begin to put a team together of Micah folks who want to work together on responding and acting on these challenges.


Our House Meeting Themes

Beyond the Walls of Micah:  Engaging with our City

People attending the house meetings on Beyond the Walls of Micah will share stories about their desire for engagement in the wider community outside of Temple Micah.  These may be stories about their own neighborhood, somewhere across town or the city as a whole.  In the first stage of Community Conversations, we heard many stories about the inequalities in health care, housing and education in Washington and the challenges of living in a city divided economically and racially. Please join us to share your story, to listen to other’s stories, and to start building an agenda for work we might do together. 

Aging Together

In our conversations, we heard numerous struggles about the challenges of getting older.  We heard stories of adult children struggling to care for their elderly parents and we heard stories of people afraid to age and die alone, without the support of children or a community.  The house meetings on aging will focus on how we as a community can join together to address the challenges of aging, both in terms of making changes here at Micah and identifying and pursuing ways to make our city more responsive to elderly Americans.

Forging Micah Connections

In our community conversations we heard stories from people who feel deeply connected to Micah as well as stories from people feeling unhappily disconnected to Micah. Some shared the struggle of being a single person in the chaos of family programming; some had experienced the togetherness of the b’nai mitzvah experience; and some yearned for a sense of community they couldn’t quite find. Our house meetings will bring people together who are looking to invest their time in deepening relationships at Micah.

Beyond the High Holiday Blessing: Channeling the Energy of Interfaith Families

Every Yom Kippur, Rabbi Zemel’s blessing of non-Jewish members of the Temple Micah congregation communicates a sincere appreciation for the contributions (and sacrifices) of this special part of our community. But interfaith families have needs that go beyond this much-appreciated acknowledgement. While each family blends religious traditions in its own way, sharing experiences, questions, and solutions may help mixed-faith families devise creative solutions to their unique challenges or find new ways to engage at Micah as a community.

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