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Jewish Youth Education at Temple Micah

"Temple Micah is Machon Micah. The whole idea is to create a congregation-wide Institute for Jewish Living." -Rabbi Zemel

 Machon Micah For Youth Curriculum

In Machon Micah for Youth, we strive to move the Human Project forward by becoming our best selves, and aim to understand our place in the Jewish story. Our course of study each year takes us through six gates—the gates of Ichud (Unity), Binah (Wisdom), Kavod (Honor), Chesed (Compassion), Emunah (Faith) and Chazon (Vision). The entire institute approaches each gate through the same central, framing question in order to create a true communal conversation. Each grade approaches the framing question differently through a combination of five lenses. Through these lenses of Torah, L’dor V’dor (History), Tzedek (Justice), Israel, and the American Jewish experience, every student will be able to articulate facets of each gates' essence in his or her own way.

Together, we walk through the same gates each year, though the framing questions will change and students will approach the gates differently. As students grow, their engagement and discourse within each gate will deepen and become more sophisticated, building off of the foundations of the previous years of learning. An active participant in Machon Micah for Youth will be on a path toward further engagement with Jewish learning and self-exploration.


Machon Micah Online Registration

Machon Micah is for members in good standing.

Registration for Machon Micah 2016-2017 is now open.

Please follow the link in order to register.

If you have questions about Machon Micah, please contact Director of Congregational Education Rabbi Josh Beraha.

An article from our Dec. 2009 Temple Newsletter provides an excellent introduction to Machon Micah. 'Temple Micah is Machon Micah,' Rabbi Zemel said. 'The whole idea is to create a congregation-wide Institute for Jewish Living.'

Temple Micah students learn Hebrew, Jewish history, holiday rituals and ethics on Sunday mornings and once a week in midweek classes. But the innovative Temple Micah approach (called Machon Micah, Hebrew for Micah Institute) also helps them develop a personal Jewish identity in a warm family and community atmosphere.

On Sunday mornings, for example, they attend grade-level classes while adults (not just their parents) participate in lectures and seminars. Then there's music, food and activities that involve the entire community.

At midweek school students don't study Hebrew but instead use their Hebrew (and music, art and drama) to learn about worship and participate in services. They learn Hebrew much more efficiently in one-on-one tutoring sessions at home over Skype software.

Sundays at Machon Micah

Machon Micah meets on Sunday mornings from 9:30 am-12 pm.

Sunday mornings begin with an entire community gathering called Boker Tov in which we sing and study Jewish text related to the curriculum. Then students break off to go to their classrooms for instruction. The classroom time provides students with opportunities to learn from their teachers, make friends with their fellow students, and build a strong base knowledge of Judaism. We have an incredibly dynamic group of educators, and each grade is taught by a team of teachers.

The concurrent adult learning opportunities reinforce the community component of Machon Micah. Parents and adult members without children are encouraged to participate in opportunities to enhance their own knowledge of Jewish life, traditions, and culture. On Sunday mornings, the synagogue is vibrant with a full cross-section of the community engaging in learning.

Mid-Week Machon Micah

Our fifth, sixth and seventh graders meet on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30 pm.

We explore the meaning of prayers through the arts. There is a mixing of grades such that the students are able to make connections beyond their age groups. This special component of Machon Micah aims to connect preteens to Jewish culture, experience, and knowledge while building community and their lifelong investment in Judaism. Learn more.

All Community Machon Micah Celebrations

A central innovation of Machon Micah is the all-community celebrations of Jewish holidays. The celebrations follow the Jewish calendar and the entire congregation gathers to celebrate, learn and share a meal. Each event has learning opportunities for all ages, study sessions for the young students, and time for eating, singing, and fun activities.

We value the opportunity to open learning up to the entire Micah community and to organize Jewish learning around the Jewish calendar. The institute attracts members from all parts of our community. The resounding feedback from adults without school aged children is that they feel Machon Micah truly is a program for them as well as for families with young children. Those parents who do have school aged children feel a deeper sense of family involvement, connection to the community, and a more profound spiritual and intellectual Jewish experience. Children say that Machon Micah is exciting, and they like being part of the larger community where their parents are involved. "It isn't boring, it doesn't feel like school," reports one student.

Skype Tutoring

Hebrew is arguably one of the most important cultural elements binding our people. At Temple Micah, each 3rd-7th grade student, in addition to any interested adults, study Hebrew with a one-on-one tutor on a weekly basis, via Skype.


Utilizing Skype lets us work with students individually and on their schedule. This idividual instruction allows us to teach Hebrew reading skills in a much more personalized and effective way than in a group setting. We are able to tailor Hebrew instruction to the individual needs of each student. Those who master Hebrew quickly, can move at a faster pace and not get bored in class. Those who need extra help can get it without feeling frustrated or embarrassed in class. Learn more about the value of Temple Micah's innovative use of Skype in our education in The Jewish Week. Contact " Shula Cooper to learn more.

Other Youth Programs

Temple Micah also offers numerous additional opportunities and programs for our youth. Learn about them here.

At a Glance Calendar for 2016-2017. Click calendar to get the pdf:


5777 Calendar - Sept

Micah Mocha - click the bagel to sign up to help:



Links to More Information about Machon Micah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Handbook

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