Racial Justice Initiative – Community Conversation 3: Systemic Racism in Education

April 13, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Racial Justice Initiative is a chance for members of the Micah community to take a deep dive into the systems of bias, racism, and oppression that continue to cause the racial disparities we see in D.C., in the United States, and globally. Each month, facilitator Rachel Faulkner will lead us in a Community Conversation exploring a specific area where inequities exist across racial lines, including education, justice, healthcare, and wealth. During each thematic session we will hear from content experts, community organizers, and leaders who are working in the field to change the way race determines outcomes.

Session 3

Why do schools exist? Do we expect them to prepare our young people for their careers, or to mold them into the adult human beings we want them to be? Are schools pillars of democracy, community/social service centers, or a socialization tool? We all have different answers to these essential questions and expect our public schools to do so much for our society. We’ll explore how this lack of clarity disproportionately impacts students of color, puts additional responsibilities on their families and support networks, and interrupts their path and success in higher education.

Kavitha Kasargod-Staub, Researcher – Education Policy
Maurice Cook, Executive Director of Serve Your City
Tevera Stith, Vice President of KIPP Through College and Career

Learn more on the Racial Justice Initiative Resource Page.

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