By Zoom: Wise Aging Open Zoom Check-in Session

March 25, 2020    
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

In order that we not get too separated, this is a Wise Aging Open Zoom Check-in Session so that those who wish can check in.  These sessions will continue  3x a week until we are able to move about with each other face to face.

We will follow a shorted normal WA session, we will begin with a prayer or poem and then have time for an extended  check-in during which we can share our feelings and experiences.

The Zoom conference room will open at 1:00 to help anyone who needs a little assistance and also to allow everyone to chat.

 It might be 30 minutes or so. Opening prayer or song, then an open check-in where people could simply express their feelings in this time of pandemic.

 There is not commitment other than to be there on the day or days you are.

These sessions will  not disrupt the normal WA Aging Alumni group calendar which are meeting online now or planning to do that.

For more information, contact Wise Aging.

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