Climate Action Group Meeting

We meet monthly and use email to share ideas and information. We find ways to act individually and together – at home, at Micah, and beyond – to help slow climate change. Join us at Micah or by Zoom.

To get involved, contact the Climate Action Group.

Earth Day - Beyond Greening - Jewish Responses to the Climate EmergencyPLUS: Don’t miss our special Earth Day event!

Beyond Greening: Jewish Responses to the Climate Emergency

with Lawrence MacDonald & Dahlia Rockowitz

Sunday, April 14 | 10:30 a.m. @ Temple Micah + On Zoom

Jewish Americans are responding to the climate emergency with stepped-up advocacy that goes beyond localized “greening.” Lawrence MacDonald, author of a new Moment Magazine article describing these trends, will provide an update.

This special Earth Day event is presented by Micah’s Climate Action Group. Snacks provided.

Please register to attend.

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