Micah House Virtual Walk


Thirty-two years ago, Micah House opened as a refuge for women experiencing houselessness recovering from substance addiction. As our country faces COVID-19, economic crisis, and our long overdue awakening to our country’s racial injustices, Micah House and its services are more crucial than ever.

COVID-19 has significantly affected the residents of Micah House. They have lost jobs. They face new personal and familial challenges. Thanks to the support of our contributors, we have been able to exceed our prior commitments to the amazing women of Micah House and provide additional funding and services.

After a year of increased use, we must address some basic, critical maintenance to keep this house feeling like a home for our residents. We have appliances that are leaking, a stove that needs to be replaced, air conditioners that have stopped working, walls with chipping paint, and a worn down carpet on the stairs and in the basement. With your support we hope to make the much needed upgrades that will keep spirits up as well as keep our residents safe, healthy, and cared for. Here are some ideas of how your donations will be put to work:

$504 will help pay for half of a new refrigerator
$216 will pay for 25% of a new stove
$108 will cover enough paint for a bedroom ($9,100 for the labor and paint to cover the interior of the house!)
$54 will cover the carpeting for 1 stair

Register to walk in support of Micah House any time in the month of May. Snap a pic while you are out on your neighborhood stroll or nature hike to share with the Micah community! Proceeds this year will go towards the necessary repairs and maintenance to keep the house feeling like home for the residents.

  1. Register to participate

  2. Download a walk sign

  3. Share photos of your walk on Facebook or Instagram with #WalkWithMicah or email us!

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