Water with sunlight shining on the surface, and orange musical notes on the right hand side

Shabbat Morning Service – Shabbat Shirah

On Shabbat Shirah (the “Shabbat of Song”), we celebrate Moses and Miriam leading the Israelites across The Red Sea and out of Egypt. It is a special moment in the Torah, and a very musical moment in Jewish biblical history. This special Shabbat morning service features our adult and youth choirs as well as an orchestra comprised of Temple Micah members.

To join us online, please contact the office to receive the Zoom link.

COVID-19 Policy:

Masks are no longer required and are now optional. We welcome anyone who would prefer to wear a mask to continue to do so, and we encourage wearing a mask when in crowded spaces. We have a supply of masks for adults and children near the front entrance to the Temple.

Everyone over six months of age must be vaccinated. This includes obtaining boosters, as recommended by the CDC. In general, Temple Micah will employ an honor system with respect to the vaccination mandate. We are no longer checking vaccination cards at the door.

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