Wellsprings of Work: a book talk with Skip Halpern

Skip Halpern smiles while standing in front of a large bookshelf

Author Skip Halpern

Join us on Zoom to explore the ideas behind Temple Micah member Skip Halpern’s new book, Wellsprings of Work: Surprising Sources of Meaning and Motivation in Work. Through nonfiction stories, Wellsprings explores a dozen psychological and spiritual sources for developing meaning and values in work, plus recognizing “false messiahs” along the way.

The book’s audience ranges across many types of careers and across the age spectrum, from people just beginning a work life, to mid-career, to nearing or in retirement. Its stories are springboards for exploring larger ideas about meaning and value: an episode negotiating a transaction with Warren Buffett launches a discussion of working for respect; analyzing a potential (avoided) investment with Bernie Madoff (work as play and competition); unmasking a corrupt federal judge (feeling compelled to act); and advising investment funds for the Chinese Communist Government (connecting to something larger), for the Inupiat Eskimo Permanent Fund (building for the future), and for Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the Association of Professional Tennis Players (the siren song of reflected glory).

“In researching this book,” Halpern explains, “I was particularly influenced by Jewish thinkers, like Abraham Maslow, Victor Frankl, Arthur Koestler, and Avishai Margalit.”

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