Learn with Rabbi Steven Sager: Doors, Thresholds, And Thoughtful Jewish Life (Session #1)

October 19, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Dear Temple Micah Community,

I am thrilled to join you as a guest teacher during the month of October.

With ancient stories and modern Hebrew poems, we will explore the theme of Doors, Thresholds, And Thoughtful Jewish Life. Of course, our own living experiences will illuminate the ancient and modern manuscripts, sometimes becoming the primary texts, the formal texts serving as commentary! We are always coming and going! Home and work, sacred and every day, life and death, past and future, doors are the sentries that preside over the spiritual and emotional thresholds of our lives. COVID adds another dimension to the image and imagination of doors and thresholds in Jewish religious culture.

A Mezuzah marks the doorway where “in” and “out” are hinged—our most ancient reminder that doors deserve our attention and preserve our consciousness of Jewish life as we come and go.

I look forward to our time learning together!

-Rabbi Steven Sager

Check the weekly emails for the Zoom link, or email info@templemicah.org.

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