Temple Micah Book Club

In January we are discussing:

Loigman, Lynda Cohen. The Matchmaker’s Gift. 320 pages. Pub: 2022. (Dale Tate)

DC Library:
eBook – 4 available.  Book – 10 available
Montgomery County Library:
book: 21 copies, 5 on waitlist, 0 available.  Overdrive: 5 copies, 5 on waitlist.  Hoopla: available.  eBook, eAudio, Kindle: available .  Large Print: 3 available.  Playaway: 1 available

“Even as a child in 1910, Sara Glikman knew her gift…a maker of matches and a seeker of soulmates. But among the pushcart-crowded streets of New York’s Lower East Side, Sara’s vocation is dominated by devout older men—men who see a talented female matchmaker as a dangerous threat to their traditions and livelihood. Sara must fight to take her rightful place among her peers, and to demand the recognition she deserves.

Two generations later, when Sara dies, her granddaughter, Abby, inherits her collection of handwritten journals recording the details of Sara’s matches. Among the faded volumes, Abby finds more questions than answers. Why did Abby’s grandmother leave this library to her and what did she hope Abby would discover within its pages?

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