Repro Shabbat

Join us for Oneg at 5:50 p.m., then light candles with us, join in Kiddush, and enjoy challah as we welcome Shabbat together in-person at Temple Micah or online. Contact the office to receive the Zoom link.

This week, in partnership with the National Council of Jewish Women, we celebrate Repro Shabbat. Last summer, the Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v. Wade paved the way for states across the nation to pursue abortion bans and restrictions on birth control and fertility treatments. But reproductive freedom is a Jewish value, and we’re not going to back down.

We will be joined by our guest speaker, Carolyn Sufrin, MD, PhD, who will speak about the needs of the moment from her perspective as an abortion caregiver.

A Blessing for Those Who Have Had or Aided an Abortion

Carolyn Sufrin leans against a glass wall and smiles

Dr. Carolyn Sufrin

About Dr. Carolyn Sufrin

Carolyn Sufrin, MD, PhD, is an abortion caregiver, Ob/Gyn, and a medical anthropologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health. She has worked extensively on reproductive health issues affecting incarcerated women, from providing clinical care in jail, to research, policy, and advocacy. Her work is situated at the intersection of reproductive justice, health care, and mass incarceration, which she examines in her book, Jailcare: Finding the Safety Net for Women Behind Bars.

COVID-19 Policy:

Masks are no longer required and are now optional. We welcome anyone who would prefer to wear a mask to continue to do so, and we encourage wearing a mask when in crowded spaces. We have a supply of masks for adults and children near the front entrance to the Temple.

Everyone over six months of age must be vaccinated. This includes obtaining boosters, as recommended by the CDC. In general, Temple Micah will employ an honor system with respect to the vaccination mandate. We are no longer checking vaccination cards at the door.

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