Wise Aging Virtual Retreat

June 28, 2021    
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

The retreat leader will be Rabbi James Jacobsen Maisels, the founder of Or Halev in Israel and an experienced workshop leader.

Our lives have been upturned by the pandemic. This challenging moment has made crystal clear the instability and vulnerability which are part of the very nature of life. At the same time, it may have helped us recognize the beauty of unexpected moments and touch deep gratitude for the measure of safety and health we have been given. Now, as we seem to be turning a new corner in this experience, how can these lessons continue to enrich and deepen our life and attune us to vibrancy, wonder and joy? Through meditation, chanting, teaching, and dialogic work we will explore these themes in our lives and how they might lead us forward.

For more information about this virtual retreat, contact Barbara Diskin.

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