Reason 2 Be (R2B)

8th-12th Grade

Our educational program for 8th-12th graders meets on Tuesday evenings to tackle big questions and pressing issues. R2B topics for this year will include comparative religions, social justice, and Jewish cooking.

Temple Micah membership is required for participation in R2B. For more information about joining Micah, contact Jeannelle D’Isa.

All first time families should schedule an introductory meeting with our education team prior to completing the registration form. Contact Community Coordinator Mckinley Edelman to set up an appointment.

What we’re doing together online:

  • Cooking & baking hangouts
  • Fundraising & advocacy for social justice initiatives
  • Holiday and social gatherings, like virtual game nights and Color War

You do not need to be a member to participate – all are welcome. Programs are announced through the Micah Teens listserv. Email our Community Coordinator to sign up!

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