sukkat shalom paralegal efforts

Update: Sukkat Shalom’s Paralegal Efforts

Dear Friends,

Thank you!

Sukkat Shalom (Shelter of Peace) came to you last spring to ask for your help in funding a Migrant Support Paralegal with our partners at HIAS. Because of your amazing generosity, we are thrilled to announce that we have succeeded and are moving forward with this project! THANK YOU to all of you who joined us to support this important work!

This type of congregational partnership with HIAS is something new for both our organizations. The Temple Micah Support Paralegal will work in the HIAS Legal Services Department and HIAS Border & Asylum Network. The paralegal will help coordinate and track services provided to clients who arrive in the DMV from our southern border. Temple Micah will maintain a relationship with “our” paralegal and HIAS as we receive periodic reports on their work. We will work hard to share these reports with you.

Even as we take this step, we know more than ever that there is much more to do. We have been working with both HIAS and Lutheran Social Services to determine how we at Micah can help as Afghan refugees start to arrive in the DMV. There are many different ways in which we can engage — some short term and some long term.

If you are interested in being involved at any level, please complete this form. We will continue to update you in the coming days and weeks about ways that you can get involved.
As we enter our new year, 5782, we will declare, “T’ka b’shofar gadol l’cheiruteinu – Let the great shofar proclaim our freedom.” This year, we are one step closer to helping so many more join us in that great cry.

With gratitude and blessings for a sweet new year,

Rabbi Daniel Zemel
Rabbi Josh Beraha
Rabbi Stephanie Crawley

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