All of our event listings feature icons that help you navigate accessibility options. All are welcome! Please contact us at to request additional accommodations.

Online EventOnline Event

This event is either being held fully online or accessible online. You will be able to participate from anywhere with an Internet connection by using the link and/or login information provided.

Closed CaptioningClosed Captioning

These events use an automated system for closed captioning. Because captions are auto-generated, they may not be entirely accurate, and will not auto-generate when we are speaking or singing in Hebrew. Hebrew texts will always be available in the prayer book and/or weekly service sheets.

American Sign Language (ASL)American Sign Language

American Sign Language interpretation can be arranged for those that need it in advance. If you or someone with you requires interpretation, please reach out to the Micah office by emailing and we will work to make these accommodations available to you. All of our online offerings are Close Captioned in English.

Assistive ListeningAssistive Listening

This event will have devices available to connect to our Assisted Listening System (ALS). Our current ALS uses infrared technology to connect to a transmitter via a neck loop or in-ear headphones, both of which will be provided on site.

We are also in the process of upgrading our ALS. Our upgraded system is due to be installed by the fall of 2022, and will include Wi-Fi technology (allowing the option of connecting via a personal cell phone) as well as radio frequencies (RF), rather than infrared. Provided RF devices for the new ALS will include a neck loop, in-ear, or over-the-ear option.

Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible

Temple Micah is accessible for those using a wheelchair or other mobility aid. There is a ramp into the main sanctuary from outdoors, a ramp onto the Bimah where the podium can be lowered to an appropriate height, and we have an elevator so that everyone can travel between floors comfortably. In addition, both of our bathrooms have an ADA-compliant bathroom stall. Unfortunately, not all of our doors are accessible. We are in the process of making all of our doorways, including entrances to the building, accessible by adding automated push button doors.

Large PrintLarge Print

These events make use of handouts or books with lettering size 18 point or larger. Alternatively, the event may use digital content, which allows the user to increase text size to their comfort on a personal device. We do not have a siddur in Braille available.

quiet roomQuiet Room

The Quiet Room provides a respite for those that need space to decompress. It can be accessed by a door to the right of the Bimah or through the left hallway in the front office. There, people can choose the degree to which they wish to participate in the sanctuary’s activities. Windows into the sanctuary have blinds, and audio from the sanctuary can be played at various levels or turned off. There are fidget toys located in the bench. This room may be beneficial for those with sensory overload, nursing parents, or young children who want to be noisy while still seeing/hearing the activities in the sanctuary.

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