Welcoming Children

Welcoming Children

Rabbi Crawley with a new baby and their parents

Celebrate the arrival of your new child at Temple Micah! We are here for you from the smallest to the largest moments in your life, and are privileged to share these moments with each other. Baby namings customarily take place in the synagogue during a Shabbat service, so that the entire community can welcome, celebrate, and bless our newest members. As we honor these milestones together, we find connection with each other, our past, and with our future.

There is no specific required timeline for a child’s naming ceremony. Brit milah (ritual circumcision for boys) typically takes place on the eighth day of life, and can be performed in your home with a certified mohel.

For help choosing Hebrew names, planning a brit/naming ceremony, or finding an officiant for a baby naming ceremony, please contact our office.

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