The Micah Storefront Project

The Micah Storefront Project

What is the Micah Storefront Project?

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The Micah Storefront Project, or what we simply call “Storefront,” is a big idea that at its heart is about expanding the idea of what a synagogue is. Storefront’s central endeavor is to engage people beyond Micah, particularly new, unaffiliated Jews, and interfaith couples and families, as well as non-Jews who are interested in the Jewish story. 

To put it simply: Storefront’s goal is to experiment with new ways to connect with those outside Temple Micah’s walls. We strive to meet in physical places that cohere with the lived life.  In reaching beyond our walls, we do not seek to drive people to membership at Micah, but rather to provide a Jewish experience for them. 

Storefront currently works across three primary points of engagement, with the expectation that over time, Storefront’s work may change to reflect shifting community needs:

  • Storefront Young Families: The Young Family initiative aims to connect with families with young children who are not affiliated with a synagogue or any formal Jewish institution. This initiative creates opportunities to engage with Jewish culture in Jewish real time, that is, on Shabbat or other Jewish holidays. We convene in areas where young families live and in inviting spaces that are easily accessible. 
  • Storefront Sacred Milestones: Sacred Milestones works to meet people in the moments that matter, partnering to infuse life transitions with meaning, inclusivity, and depth. Currently, we are working with wedding couples and offering the Open Book (introduction to Judaism) class, for those who are Jewishly curious, considering conversion, or (re)discovering their roots.
  • Storefront Sounds: Our newest initiative, Storefront Sounds seeks to engage the DC community through creative Jewish music. 

Why Storefront?

Temple Micah’s Roadmap invites us, in various ways, to think about our place and role in the world. Most importantly, at the heart of the Human Project sits our shared humanity and our responsibilities to each other and the larger community in which we live.  Accordingly, we aspire to engage with and learn from individuals beyond the Micah community, with the Storefront initiative being a pivotal means to achieve this goal.

Further, Storefront helps us learn more about Micah and the future of American Judaism. The Roadmap reflects our desire to understand the Jewish-American landscape in which we live and our obligation to the wider Jewish world. The insights we gain through Storefront work their way into the walls of Temple Micah and strengthen us.

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