New Book Honors Work of Rabbi Larry Hoffman

There is no congregation in North America that is more in tune with and influenced by the work of Rabbi Larry Hoffman than Temple Micah and very few have had as great an impact on modern Jewish worship, theology, and life than this great scholar. A brand new book honoring his legacy has just been published that puts his scholarship in conversation with former students and other colleagues.

The just-published Communities of Meaning: Conversations on Modern Jewish Life Inspired by Rabbi Larry Hoffman offers insight into critical questions about contemporary Jewish life. Essays by both Rabbi Zemel and Rabbi Beraha are featured as are Micah members, Yolanda Savage Narva and Liz Lerman. Also included are essays by former interns Rabbi Nicole Roberts and Rabbi Daniel Reiser.

A copy of this book can be ordered online through Temple Micah now through February 13, 2024. Please note: books MUST be picked up in-person at Temple Micah; no delivery option is available.

Order Copy Via Temple Micah

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