Embracing from Afar: Solidarity Salon with Israel

Please join us for a special Zoom event to hear from those representing the whole tapestry of Israeli society — Ashkenazim, Mizrahim, Israeli-Arabs, Hareidim, religious Zionists, secular Israelis — and what they are experiencing now. They will share how they have been affected by the events of October 7 and the ongoing war in Israel as well as the challenges and possibilities the future may hold.

This event is organized by Temple Micah’s longstanding partner Shaharit, in collaboration with Makom: the Israel Education Laboratory of the Jewish Agency.

Shaharit is a thinktank and community organizing hub that is nurturing a new social partnership among all of Israel’s communities, building a future rooted in the common good. Its executive director, Dr. Eilon Schwartz, has visited and spoken at Temple Micah in the past. We encourage you to come stand together virtually with our friends in Israel.

This is a virtual-only event. To join us on Zoom, please refer to the weekly email or contact the office.

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