Undesigning the Redline: Legal and Policy Issues Impacting Change


How do we get more houses in areas of opportunity? What policy solutions are being employed in the DC metro region to this end? What lessons can DC learn from the experience of neighboring jurisdictions? A panel of local leaders involved in change in DC/MD/VA explores these issues, led by facilitator Jenny Schuetz, senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. Panelists include Bryan Coleman, housing advocate and community leader in Northern Virginia; Luca Gattoni-Celli, founder of YIMBYs of Northern Virginia; Dan Reed, Regional Policy Director of Greater Greater Washington; Harriet Tregoning, Director of the New Urban Mobility Alliance; and Gwen Wright, former Montgomery County Director of Planning.

Registration is not required, but it is helpful. Register here.

This program is presented in association with Undesign the Redline, an exhibit created by Designing the We that explores the history of explicit race-based exclusion, specifically in upper Northwest DC. The exhibit helps us understand why inequities in housing and wealth persist, and encourages us to ask how we can “undesign” these wrongs. Suitable for middle-school aged children and older. Undesign the Redline is on display from April 11-July 11, 2024 at the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library, 3310 Connecticut Avenue, NW.

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