A new phase for the Vine

The Vine | November/December 2021

With this issue, we are entering the next phase of The Vine.

Our longtime editorial team, Fran Dauth and Kate Kiggins, informed me earlier this year that they wished to turn over the reins of our newsletter’s editorial leadership. In the transition process, as I met with Fran, Kate and several others, I happened upon the idea of trying to move our newsletter in a slightly different direction. I wished to see if we might deepen the Jewish content, to include more Jewish ideas, thought, and history.

At a time when many online Jewish publications seem to be trending toward Orthodox or traditional theology and outlook, I am seeking to offer a more progressive approach. 

Steve Weisman has graciously agreed to serve as editorial adviser for the experimental journey on which we now embark.

— Rabbi Zemel

What’s Inside:

  • Rabbi Zemel shares about a new phase for the Vine
  • Steven Weisman on Hanukkah’s Message for Jewish Diversity
  • President Josh Berman on Traditions in the Desert
  • Meet our new Executive Director, Beth Werlin
  • Poems from Rabbi Crawley
  • …and more!

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