Prayer for Our Power, Prayer for Our Choice

By Rabbi Stephanie Crawley

God of Mercy, God of Plague
God of Compassion, God of Righteous Anger
Teach us how to choose
     Between the thunder and the dew
     Between the match and the tear
Tell us when to pray and when to yell
     Shout for the welfare of the government
     Fight for the welfare of the government
Not for its own sake
     But for ours
Not for the body politic but the body that has been politicized
We pray for the government because we fear it –
But maybe it should fear us
Let today be the day we learn our power.
May the nation merit our protection.
As we assert the ability to choose
     How to breathe
     How to birth
     How to be in a body
     How to be.

This prayer was published on the website in April 2022.

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