COVID-19 Policies and FAQs

Temple Micah’s COVID policies and practices are responsive to current conditions and take into account expert guidance. We continue to monitor conditions in the DC-area and will update our policies as needed.


Masks are no longer required and are now optional. We welcome anyone who would prefer to wear a mask to continue to do so, and we encourage wearing a mask when in crowded spaces. We have a supply of masks for adults and children near the front entrance to the Temple.


Everyone over six months of age must be vaccinated. This includes obtaining boosters, as recommended by the CDC. In general, Temple Micah will employ an honor system with respect to the vaccination mandate. We are no longer checking vaccination cards at the door.

In addition, any member may seek an exemption to the vaccination mandate for their child. The exemption request shall be submitted to the executive director and shall attest to the fact that the decision not to vaccinate has been made in consultation with a physician or other licensed health professional.


We ask that anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptom obtain a COVID-19 test and stay home.

Frequently Asked Questions


Working closely with public health experts and having contracted with a leading environment health engineer, we learned that in most parts of the building, our current HVAC system meets or exceeds recommended air change rates (ACR) and that no modifications will need to be made to the HVAC system. Per their recommendation, we have added HEPA filters to the offices and the lobby to increase ventilation.

We are following CDC guidance and advice from our environment engineering report. Relying on that guidance, our cleaning schedule includes disinfection of the bathrooms and other “high-touch” common spaces.

Anyone who is experiencing a COVID-19 symptom is advised to obtain a COVID-19 test and stay home while awaiting the results.

If you feel sick or are experiencing coughing or sneezing — even if you receive a negative COVID PCR test — please stay home.

We are asking that anyone who participated in a Temple Micah event and subsequently tests positive for COVID-19 report the diagnosis to a Temple Micah staff person or officer, and/or report it by email to We will keep the person’s identity and details disclosed private, but we will try to notify others who were in close contact with that person.

We continue to rely on the expertise of medical and public health professionals; guidance from the CDC and the DC health officials; environmental engineers; and temple leadership. Each decision we make will begin with the health and well-being of our members, staff, and visitors, and how each of our decisions enriches and sustains our community.


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