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February Lunch and Learn: Fighting Food Waste – Individuals Can Make a Big Difference!


More than a third of food gets trashed every year in the United States, making food waste a major contributor to climate change. Rachael Jackson, Micah member and founder of EatOrToss.com, will talk about how reducing food waste not only benefits the planet, but can also help people in need, save money and lead to some amazing new recipes and a deeper understanding of our food.

But how do you know when food is safe and when it’s no longer good to eat? Rachael’s goal on EatOrToss is to empower people to waste less by taking the “doubt” out of “when in doubt throw it out.” She’ll spend the end of the presentation talking through some fun examples of “weird-looking” food. Come with questions!

About the Speaker

Rachael Jackson is a journalist and food waste reduction advocate. In 2016, she founded EatOrToss.com, which provides images and fun, science-based text to help home cooks assess food at risk of being thrown away. Rachael has also written about food waste for publications including the Washington Post and NationalGeographic.com. She is on the board of the  DC Food Recovery Working Group and, in 2017, created RescueDish, a DC initiative to help restaurants model use-it-up-style cooking for consumers. 

Register before 5 p.m. the Sunday before for in-person lunch ($10) or by the next evening for the Zoom link.

For more information, please email Lunch and Learn.


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