A Blessing for Those Who Have Had or Aided An Abortion

By Rabbi Stephanie Crawley

On the first day of our New Year, I gave this blessing—for anyone who has had an abortion, or helped someone access one. You can learn more about our decision to offer the blessing in Rabbi Zemel’s column in the November/December 2022 edition of the Vine. What we originally thought would be a declaration of a statement in support of reproductive rights became an embrace of agency made by holy souls in holy bodies. It opened up generational stories, honored an experience that is often met by hyper-politicalization, and aimed to create solidarity where there is often shaming or isolation. I hope this continues to open up a conversation —my door is always open.

Mi Sheiberach Imoteinu – God of our Mothers –
Bless these brave ones
Who stand before you

Be with them now – as you were with our mothers

God of Sarah,
Who aided her to have a child when she wanted it – because she wanted it

Be with them now

God of Rachel
Who suffered and suffered for a child and then died while giving birth –
Ensure that no one is forced into that same reality

Be with them now

God of Dinah –
Do not abandon us when we have had our bodies stolen from us through
violence and subjugation

Be with them now

God of Yocheved – the mother of Moses
Help us all maintain the ability to bring children into the world only when we
want to – only when we’ve decided that the world is right

Be with them now

God of Hannah,
Who thought she only had worth because of her womb
Teach us all to see our value in our wholeness

Be with them now

Bless their holy bodies
And Bless their decisions –
The ones they had the ability to make
The ones that they fought to make possible
The ones that stood against immoral legislation
And the ones made in the embrace of freedom
May they always know agency and dignity and love
May this community never fail to rise in support

And Be with those who stand beside them in courage –
Who lend their voices and their funds
Who drive to clinics and accompany them inside
Who shout over protesters
Who ensure care and safety
Be with them now

And be with us all, now
Give us the strength to fight back and continue supporting women
Help us create systems of justice that serve every person
That center the souls that belong to bodies that others seek to ban
In this new year, help us build a new, just world
A world birthed of freedom and care.

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2022 issue of the Vine.

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